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Produktinformationen "APL3572A"


USB Power-Distribution Switches

General Description

The APL3572A is designed for USB PD Type C applications. The low on resistance N-channel MOSFET power switch can satisfy the voltage drop requirements of USB specification.
The protection features include current limit protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, input over voltage protection output over voltage protection, output surge protection and reverse current blocking.
Other features include a deglitched ACOK output to indicate the fault condition and an enable input to enable or disable the device.


  • VIN Input Voltage Range: 4.5 to 22V
  • 30V Absolute Ratings at VIN Pin 
  • 4A Output Current Capability 
  • Low On Resistance 
  • Adjustable Soft-start Time by SS pin
  • Adjustable Current Limit by ALSET pin
  • Fast Over Current Protection Response Time
  • Input Over Voltage Protection by OVSET Pin.
  • Fault Report on ACOK Pin.
  • Built in Surge protection clamped at 27V
  • Built in Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Built in True Reverse-Current Blocking (TRCB)
  • Built in Enable/ Shutdown Control by DPREN
  • Pin Integrated Internal Charge Pump
  • UL Approved-File No. E328191
  • UL IEC/EN62368-1 CB Scheme Certified, No. DK- 74723-UL
  • TUV IEC/EN62368-1 Certified, No. 44 780 18   406748-007
  • ESD Protection :
- EC61000-4-2 contact discharge over with 8kV
- HBM with over 2kV
- CDM with over 500V at VIN pin
  • TQFN3x3-16D Package
  • Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHS Compliant)


  • Notebook and Desktop Computers
  • USB PD Type C Ports/Hubs
  • Up to 24 V rail input DC/DC VR modules

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