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KB9012QF A4

KB9012QF A4
Artikel-Nr.: A10043
Hersteller: ENE

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Produktinformationen "KB9012QF A4"

Dieser Embedded Controller benötigt eine Programmierung, die je nach Design entweder automatisch erfolgt oder manuell erfolgen muss.

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The ENE KB9012 is a customized IC based on KB9010 for specific application of minimizing power-consumption. Several pins are provided for external power-latch to save power-consumption. IO characteristic and cells are also improved.
The ENE KB901x series is embedded controller (EC) with embedded-Flash for notebook platforms. In KB9012, the e-Flash is 128KB. The embedded controller contains industrial standard 8051 microprocessor and provides function of i8042 keyboard controller basically. KB9012 is embedded LPC interface used to communicate with Host. The embedded controller also features rich interfaces for general applications, such as PS/2 interface, Keyboard matrix encoder, PWM controller, A/D converter, D/A converter, Fan controller, SMBus controller, GPIO controller, PECI controller, one wire master, SPI controller, and extended interface (ENE Serial Bus) for more applications, like capacitive touch button application and GPIO extender.
Compared with last generation of KB3926 series, KB9012 added PECI/OWM, another 2 SMBus, another 2 Fan tachometers, enhanced SPI host/slave controller, internal oscillator for newest application. KB9012 also improves structure of other modules including 8051, XBI, LPC, IKB, FAN, WDT, GPIO, ESB, EDI. For detail improvement, please refer the related section.


LPC Low Pin Count Interface
  • SIRQ supporting IRQ1, IRQ12, SCI or SMI# interrupt and one programmable IRQ provided.
  • I/O Address Decoding:
    - Legacy KBC I/O port 60h/64h
    - Programmable EC I/O port, 62h/66h(recommend)
    - I/O port 68h/6Ch (sideband)
    - 2 Programmable 4-byte Index-I/O ports to access internal EC registers.
  • Memory Decoding:
    - Firmware Hub decode
    - LPC memory decode
  • Compatible with LPC specification v1.1
  • Support LPC interface re-direction to IKB for debugging 
X-bus Bus Interface (XBI) : Flash Interface
  • Embedded 128KB flash support
  • The 64KB code memory can be mapped into system memory by one 16KB and one 48KB programmable pages independently.
  • Enhanced pre-fetch mechanism.
8051 Microprocessor
  • Compatible with industrial 8051 instructions with 3 cycles.
  • 8051 runs at 8/16/22 MHz, programmable.
  • 256 bytes internal RAM. (special design) and 4KB tight-coupled SRAM
  • 24 extended interrupt sources.
  • Two 16-bit timers.
  • Supports idle and stop mode.
  • Enhanced embedded debug interface.
  • Support Tx/Rx and support re-direction to IKB for debugging
8042 Keyboard Controller
  • 8 standard 8042 commands processed by hardware.
  • Each hardware command can be optionally processed by firmware.
  • Pointing device multiplex mode support.
  • Fast GA20 and KB reset support.
PS/2 Controller
  • Support at most 3 external PS/2 devices.
  • External PS/2 device operation in firmware mode. 
Internal Keyboard Matrix (IKB)
  • 18x8 keyboard scan matrix.
  • Support W2K Internet and multimedia keys.
  • Support hotkey events defined.
  • Ghost key cancellation mechanism provided.
  • Enhanced de-bounce feature added 
Embedded Controller (EC)
  • ACPI Spec 2.0 compliant.
  • 5 standard EC commands supported directly by hardware.
  • Each hardware command can be processed by firmware optionally.
  • Programmable EC I/O ports, 62h/66h by default. 
SMBus Host Controller
  • 4 SMBus Interfaces with 2 SMBus Controllers
  • SMBus Spec 2.0 compliant.
  • Byte mode support.
  • Slave function support. 
Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • 4 DAC channels with 8-bit resolution.
  • All pins of DAC can be alternatively configured as GPIO.
Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • 8 ADC channels with 10-bit resolution.
  • All pins of ADC can be alternatively configured as GPIO.
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
  • 6 PWM channels are provided. (8-bit *2, 14-bit *2 and FANPWM(12-bit) *2)
  • Clock source selectable:
    - 1MHz/64KHz/4KHz/256Hz (for 8-bit PWM)
    - Peripheral clock or 1MHz (for 14-bit PWM)
    - Peripheral clock (for FANPWM)
  • Duty cycle programmable and cycle time up to 1 sec(for 8-bit PWM) 
WatchDog Timer (WDT)
  • 32.768KHz input clock.
  • 10-bit counter with 32ms unit for watchdog reset.
  • Three watchdog reset mechanism.
    - Reset 8051
    - Reset whole chip, except GPIO.
    - Reset whole chip including GPIO.
  • WDT breathing LED 
Real Time Clock
  • 32.768KHz input clock.
  • 24-bit timer support. 
General Purpose Timer (GPT)
  • Two 16-bit and two 8-bit general purpose timer with 32.768KHz clock source. 
General Purpose Wakeup (GPWU)
  • Those I/O with GPI (general purpose input) configuration can generate interrupts or wakeup events, including pins named in GPXIOAxx.
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  • All general purpose I/O can be programmed as input or output.
  • All output pins can be configured to be tri-state optionally.
  • All input pins are equipped with pull-up, high/low active and edge/level trigger selection.
  • All pins of DAC can be configured as GPIO.
  • All pins of ADC can be configured as GPIO.
  • A specific pair of GPIO pins with signal pass-through feature.
  • GPIO50 for external lock signal set by firmware, un-locked by PCIRST# falling
FAN Controller
  • Two fan controllers with tachometer inputs.
  • Automatic fan control support.
  • 12-bit FANPWM support. 
Consumer IR (CIR)
  • Several protocols decoded/encoded by hardware.
  • Interrupt for CIR application.
  • Support wide/narrow band receiver.
  • Transmit/Receive simultaneously.
  • Remote power-on support. 
ENE Serial Bus Interface (ESB)
  • A proprietary and flexible interface for extension with ENE KBC.
  • Firmware accesses ESB devices via internal memory address directly.
  • Interrupt capability. 
ENE Debug Interface (EDI)
  • Flexible debug interface with IKB pins.
  • Keil-C development tool compatible
  • EDI detect frequency support 1M~8M 
SPI Device Interface (SHDI)
  • A enhanced SPI host/device controller is embedded in the KBC.
  • Flexible design for SPI applications. 
One Wire Master (OWM)
  • Embedded One Wire controller used to control one wire devices.
PECI Interface
  • Support Intel PECI.
  • Support wide speed range from 2Kbps to 2Mbps. 
Power Management
  • Sleep mode: 8051 program counter (PC) stops and enters idle mode.
  • Deep sleep mode: All clocks stop except external 32.768KHz OSC. 8051 enters stop mode.
  • 51ON power management function
  • Support General Waveform Generator to easily and accurately generate us-scale to ms-scale specific waveform.
  • Support two voltage comparators. Two voltage input sources to compare with internal DAC voltage value, and response the comparison result on two digital outputs, used to detect abnormal situation (like over temperature and etc.). 
  • 128-pin LQFP package, Lead Free (RoHS).

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