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Produktinformationen "NCP81215PMNTXG"


Three Output Controller with Single SVID Interface for Desktop and Notebook CPU Applications

The NCP81215P (4 + 2 + 1 phase) three−output buck solution is optimized for Intel’s IMVP8 CPUs.
The two multi−phase rail control systems are based on Dual−Edge pulse−width modulation (PWM) combined with DCR current sensing providing an ultra fast initial response to dynamic load events and reduced system cost.
The single−phase rail makes use of ON Semiconductor’s patented high performance RPM operation. RPM control maximizes transient response while allowing for smooth transitions between discontinuous−frequency−scaling operation and continuous−mode full−power operation. The NCP81215P has an ultra−low offset current monitor amplifier with programmable offset compensation for high−accuracy current monitoring.

Multi−Phase Rail Features

  • Dual Edge Modulation for Fastest Initial Response to Transient Loading
  • High Performance Operational Error Amplifier
  • Digital Soft Start Ramp
  • Dynamic Reference Injection (Patent #US7057381)
  • Accurate Total Summing Current Amplifier (Patent #US6683441)
  • Dual High Impedance Differential Voltage and Total Current Sense Amplifiers
  • Phase−to−Phase Dynamic Current Balancing
  • True Differential Current Balancing Sense Amplifiers for Each Phase
  • Adaptive Voltage Positioning (AVP)
  • Switching Frequency Range of 300 kHz – 1.2 MHz
  • Vin range 4.5 V to 25 V
  • Startup into Pre−Charged Loads While Avoiding False OVP
  • UltraSonic Operation

Single−Phase Rail Features

  • Enhanced RPM Control System
  • Ultra Low Offset IOUT Monitor
  • Dynamic VID Feed−Forward
  • Programmable Droop Gain
  • Zero Droop Capable


  • Desktop & Notebook Processors
  • Gaming

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