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Artikel-Nr.: A10035
Hersteller: Texas Instruments

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Produktinformationen "TPS51716RUKR"


TPS51716 Complete DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, and DDR4 Memory Power Solution Synchronous Buck Controller, 2-A LDO, With Buffered Reference


The TPS51716 provides a complete power supply for DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, and DDR4 memory systems in the lowest total cost and minimum space. It integrates a synchronous buck regulator controller (VDDQ) with a 2-A sink/source tracking LDO (VTT) and buffered low noise reference (VTTREF). The TPS51716 employs D-CAP2 mode coupled with 500 kHz or 670 kHz operating frequencies that supports ceramic output capacitors without an external compensation circuit. The VTTREF tracks VDDQ/2 with excellent 0.8% accuracy. The VTT, which provides 2-A sink/source peak current capabilities, requires only 10 μF of ceramic capacitance. In addition, the device features a dedicated LDO supply input. The TPS51716 provides rich, useful functions as well as excellent power supply performance. It supports flexible power state control, placing VTT at high-Z in S3 and discharging VDDQ, VTT and VTTREF (softoff) in S4/S5 state. It includes programmable OCL with low-side MOSFET RDS(on) sensing, OVP/UVP/UVLO and thermal shutdown protections. TI offers the TPS51716 in a 20-pin, 3 mm × 3 mm, WQFN package and specifies it for an ambient temperature range between –40°C and 85°C.


  • Synchronous Buck Controller (VDDQ)
    – Conversion Voltage Range: 3 to 28 V
    – Output Voltage Range: 0.7 to 1.8 V
    – 0.8% VREF Accuracy
    – D-CAP2™ Mode for Ceramic Output Capacitors
    – Selectable 500-kHz/670-kHz Switching Frequencies
    – Optimized Efficiency at Light and Heavy Loads With Auto-Skip Function
    – Supports Soft-Off in S4/S5 States
    – OCL/OVP/UVP/UVLO Protections – Powergood Output
  • 2-A LDO (VTT), Buffered Reference (VTTREF)
    – 2-A (Peak) Sink and Source Current
    – Requires Only 10-μF of Ceramic Output Capacitance – Buffered, Low Noise, 10-mA VTTREF Output
    – 0.8% VTTREF, 20-mV VTT Accuracy
    – Support High-Z in S3 and Soft-Off in S4/S5
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • 20-Pin, 3 mm × 3 mm, WQFN Package


  • DDR2, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, and DDR4 Memory Power Supplies
  • SSTL_18, SSTL_15, SSTL_135, and HSTL Termination

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